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Seasonal Awareness: Wintertime – Hydrate and Heal

January 10 2023 – Shannon Esau

Seasonal Awareness: Wintertime – Hydrate and Heal
Seasonal Awareness: Wintertime – Hydrate and Heal

As the most wonderful time of the year is upon us so is the season that brings cold, chilly temperatures, frost and even snow to a lot of the country.  Winter can affect the skin in many ways, from the harsh cold weather to the stress of the holidays and setting resolutions for the new year.  It is important to take time to hydrate and heal skin. 

Common Changes in the Skin

Our skin endures a lot during the winter months which may lead to several changes requiring attention. 

Dry, dehydrated skin is very common especially to areas that may be more exposed to the elements, like the cheeks, lips and hands.  If this is not addressed quickly, we begin seeing flaky, irritated and itchy skin, eventually leading to a compromised barrier.  A compromised barrier creates vulnerability in the skin allowing toxins, negative pathogens, UV radiation to penetrate and harm the body more easily. 

Skin Care Goals

This season set skin care goals to maintain a healthy barrier! 

Goal #1 – Hydrated and Healthy

Focus on hydrating the skin by adjusting your daily routine.  This may be adding one of our lipid-based serums or changing your hydrator to one with more humectants.  Increase your water intake and watch the amount of alcohol, caffeine, salt and sugars as they can increase dehydration and inflammation.

Goal #2 – Healing from the Inside, Out

Make sure your regimen includes our lifestyle-friendly correctives as these products offer strengthening and rebuilding of tissue without increasing the risk of dryness and irritation.  When skin does become drier, flaky, and irritated, reach for formulas in our Skin Rehab line to relieve discomfort and support healing from the inside, out. 

Goal #3 – Quench Your Skin

Our Skin Quench Series is the perfect solution to rescue you and your skin from the winter blues! 

This series of three corrective facials provide a boost in cellular turnover using gentle papaya and pineapple enzymes.  Next, skin is infused with nutrient-rich extracts, stem cells, milk proteins and finished with the hydration-boosting hyaluronic acid and organic lipids.  A series of three treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart will leave skin quenched with moisture and glowing as you move into spring!

Daily Support 

Adjusting your daily routine will support skin during this season.  As previously mentioned, adding our lifestyle-friendly correctives like Compromised Barrier’s Mandelic Repair and Retinal Repair are perfect for winter!

Winter skin experiences depletion and needs repair.  By adding one of our Building and Strengthening serums, like Compromised Barrier’s C-Repair Complex - stem cells, antioxidants and phospholipids provide vital, nourishing support.   

The final step to healthy winter skin is hydrate!  Make minor adjustments like adding Compromised Barrier’s Grape Seed Replenish to a moisturizer or spritzing skin with Hydra Soothe Spritz throughout the day provides immediate hydration.  For those with drier, irritated skin, our Vital Replenish Serum or Nutra EGF Emulsion, both in the Compromised Barrier line, can be great options to hydrate and heal tissue. 

Hydrate and Heal Regimen



  • Cleanse with Soothing Cream Cleanse
  • Rebuild skin with C-Repair Complex
  • Hydrate with Nutra EGF Emulsion and spritz with Hydra Soothe Spritz all day long! 


  • Cleanse with Soothing Cream Cleanse
  • Strengthen with Mandelic Repair and Retinal Repair serums
  • Finish with Vital Replenish Serum to lock in hydration and heal tissue

Visit your RA Aesthetician to learn more about maintaining a healthy, luminous complexion this winter!