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Holistic Remedies for Summertime Skin Aliments

December 15 2022 – Shannon Esau

Holistic Remedies for Summertime Skin Aliments
Holistic Remedies for Summertime Skin Aliments

Are you getting ready to head to the beach, mountains or the lake this summer? 


We usually remember to pack the SPF, but do we remember to apply it correctly?  How about when those pesky mosquitos come out at dusk, or you accidentally find yourself surrounded by poison ivy – do you have what is needed to alleviate those irritations and enjoy the rest of your vacation?


Skin Rehab’s Holistic Relief kit is the perfect collection of products to toss in your suitcase or replace those unhealthy products found in your medicine cabinet at home.  Each formula is infused with a soothing, healing botanicals and skin-repairing ingredients without the risk of harmful toxins. 


Holistic Sunburn Relief


Many times, we forget to re-apply our sun protection, leading to a sunburn.  Burn Relief is infused with ingredients to help reduce heat and increase healing, and repair damaged skin.  Thermus Thermophilus and Alteromonas Ferment are two key ingredients in this product; derived deep from the ocean they work together to quickly reduce heat and redness from skin. 


Our blend of potent antioxidants, including Spin Trap, CoQ10 and r-alpha lipoic acid boost protection against free radicals, while Apple Stem Cells repair damage to the DNA caused from excessive UV exposure.


HA2O Spritz delivers a drink of water for parched, inflamed tissue.  Deuterium Oxide is derived from sea water, containing more moisturizing properties than regular water.  Combined with sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid, this spritz cools and soothes skin, alleviating dryness and discomfort.     


Care for a Sunburn

  • Cleanse skin with Calming Milk Cleanse
  • Apply Burn Relief to inflamed skin
  • Follow with HA2O Spritz to help keep tissue hydrated and cooled


By following this simple regimen, you can toss out Burn Jel, artificially colored aloe vera gel, or those burns sprays like Alocane.


Holistic Bug Bites and Rash Relief


Mosquitos, no-see-ums, sand fleas and other bugs love to make their presence known by creating small, itchy welts on our arms and legs.  Calming Skin Gel is the perfect remedy to alleviate that itchy sensation leading to excessive scratching while reducing bacteria in tissue. 


Containing 1% hydrocortisone in addition to soothing botanical extracts white ginger root and aloe vera, this balm promotes healing relief.  Bisabolol, AKA chamomile extract, offers anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial support to skin. 


Calming Skin Gel is a toxin-free option compared to Cortizone 10, Benedryl Cream or Calamine Lotion.


Arnica Therapy delivers relief from swelling and other discomfort associated with bug bites and rashes.  Containing 20% Arnica Montana extract, the highest percentage found in topicals, quickly soothes sore tissue and heals potential bruising caused from excessive rubbing of skin.


Care for Bug Bites and Rashes


Whatever outdoor excursion you plan on doing remember Skin Rehab is your holistic at-medicine cabinet ensuring your family’s skin remains healthy all summer long!