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Seasonal Awareness: Summertime Prevent & Protect

January 10 2023 – Shannon Esau

Seasonal Awareness: Summertime Prevent & Protect
Seasonal Awareness: Summertime Prevent & Protect

unSummer is here!  The kids are out of school, we have long, sunny, hot days and lots of outdoor activities happening.  Summer can bring a glow to the skin so you might say “bring it on”, however, not all skin benefits from the summertime season. 

Common Changes in the Skin

This is the time of year we want to protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV exposure.  Sunshine may feel great on the skin and leave us with a tan, but did you know that the damage caused can show up in your skin years later?  Sun induced hyperpigmentation is damage caused to your melanocyte cells from UV rays and results in the increased production of pigment, leaving behind dark patches on your face and body – something we want to prevent. 

Aging and skin cancer risk is also increased.  Did you know that 90% of aging is triggered from exposure to the sun?  90%!  Luckily, we have some great ways to help combat aging and the increased risk of pigmentation and skin cancer.  Increase your antioxidants by adding one of the many antioxidant-rich, Building & Strengthening formulas found in the RA line, as well as apply and re-apply a mineral-based outdoor topicals, like our Sun Reflect Daytime Defense.   

Increased oil and blemishes can occur, especially for those living or visiting a more humid climate – sorry Florida and Texas.  This is where incorporating one of our treatment cleansers or toners containing l-mandelic, an alpha or beta hydroxy acid can help reduce oil and eliminate bacteria.  The Pro Youth -10 Berry Wine Tonic is terrific to help balance oil, firm enlarged pores and boost antioxidant protection! 

Dehydration is another common side-effect from the summer months, due to extended time outdoors and even staying indoors, in the AC, can create this change.  We recommend incorporating hyaluronic acid, cucumber extract and other humectants to help hydrate and plump skin.  We love Pro Youth -10 HA Hydra Mist!  This is great to keep chilled in your cooler while relaxing by the pool or at the beach.   

Pigmentation Solutions Prevention Recommendations 

Looking to prevent pigmentation this summer?  A simple Pigmentation Solutions regimen with our Skin Brightening Cleanse, Brightening Pigment Tonic and Brightening Cream Enhanced may help, or adding Brightening Scrub or Skin Brightening Enzyme into your weekly routine maintains skin’s radiance. 

Our Mandelic Bright and “A” Renew + are your summertime, lifestyle-friendly rejuvenators.  Lifestyle-friendly means these are correctives that you may apply the night before spending time outdoors without the risk of creating photo-sensitive/UV-reactive skin.  This duo is excellent to maintain cellular rejuvenation, softening fine lines, wrinkles, and brightening your complexion.  Perfect to use when you are transitioning off Naturale Mega Brightening Serum.  

By maintaining a consistent home care routine and visiting your RA Aesthetician for a series of Express Treatments, your skin will remain healthy, glowing and radiant, all summer long!