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Looking to Reverse the Signs of Aging Around Your Eyes?

December 15 2022 – Shannon Esau

Looking to Reverse the Signs of Aging Around Your Eyes?
Looking to Reverse the Signs of Aging Around Your Eyes?

Our eyes are one of the main focal points of our face, they also tend to be the first area to reveal aging.  Whether it’s fine lines and crow’s feet, puffiness, under-eye baggage, dark circles, or crepey-like eye lids we want to reverse the signs!


The Cause to Aging Around the Eyes


Yes, aging is part of the normal cycle of life however, there are other factors that contribute or even accelerate aging.  Being mindful of these additional factors will help slow the process and maintain a more youthful appearance. 


Intrinsic aging is the normal cycle of life and an area we cannot really control.  Extrinsic aging involves many areas including our environment, lifestyle and sun exposure and is within our control.  The environment we live in may be drier, more polluted, even have lower levels of oxygen which all may impact our skin. Our lifestyle including sleep patterns, daily water intake and nutrition can contribute to accelerating aging if depleted or unhealthy.  And finally, sun exposure.  The sun’s UV rays contribute to 90% of aging, making protection a must!      


Peptides in Eye Care


Now that we know the contributing factors, how do we slow it or even reverse it?  Peptides are one of the best ingredients available today!  These specialized chains of amino acids are formulated to signal an increase in collagen and elastin, freeze wrinkle movements and even boost antioxidant protection. 


Acetyl Hexapeptide and Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide specifically focus on inhibiting muscle contractions and are known as “wrinkle relaxing” peptides.  Both work by inhibiting the communication telling the muscle to contract, preventing wrinkle movement.


Acetyl Hexapeptide, found in our Eye Revitalizer, has sometimes been called “Botox in the Bottle” because this peptide targets the same forming mechanism as Botox.  Eye Revitalizer is a great way to quickly firm and tighten the delicate eye tissue.  Dipeptide, used in our Eye Lift, mimics a substance found in viper venom and reduces those “mimic wrinkles” also known as crow’s feet.   


Looking to reduce puffiness?  Acetyl Tetrapeptide 5 reduces water accumulation and increases skin’s elasticity.  This peptide has an incredible clinical study that showed a 70% decrease in puffiness after 15 days of use.  Our Peptide 3-n-1 Eye Cream contains this specialized peptide and is a great option for those looking to reduce puffiness. 


Power of Stem Cells and Antioxidants


Stem cells are another power ingredient used in our eye formulations!  Plantain Leaf stem cell repairs the loss of firmness and increases elasticity around the eyes.  Antioxidants help quench free radicals thus slowing down the aging process.  Indian Gooseberry is naturally rich in vitamin C and superoxide dismutase which protect the skin from free radicals and inhibit the premature breakdown of healthy collagen.  Spin Trap, another intelligent ingredient found in our Eye & Lip Renew Serum, can convert free radicals into vital oxygen needed by healthy cells.    


Since our lives are busy and we are impacted by many extrinsic aging factors it’s great to know we can reverse and prevent aging by incorporating a blend of peptides, stem cells and antioxidants into our daily regimen. 


Consult with your RA Professional on the EYES regimen and unveil your beauty!