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Have a Lightweight, Flawless Complexion All Summer!

December 07 2022 – Shannon Esau

Have a Lightweight, Flawless Complexion All Summer!
Have a Lightweight, Flawless Complexion All Summer!

Summertime and spending more time outdoors may call for a change to your makeup and application techniques.  You want to make sure your foundation contains physical mineral sun protection like zinc oxide, combined with vitamins and antioxidants to help further protect against harmful UV rays. 

IllumiColour Crème, Matte Crème and Mineral Powder all deliver a flawless finish with protection against the damaging effects from the sun.   

Preparing the Skin for Summer
Begin by cleansing skin with one of our RA Skin Care cleansers to help remove any buildup, dirt and excess lipids.  Next, infuse the skin with antioxidants like vitamins C, E, l-glutathione and green tea – you can find these nutrients in our Toners and Building & Strengthening serums. 

If the skin is more on the dry side, you may opt to apply a few drops of one of our lipid-based serums, or a pump of your favorite RA moisturizer.  For combination, oily skin, you may find IllumiColour offers the perfect amount of hydration.  Your skin is ready for a healthy foundation! 

Did you know that our Mineral Crème’s have a sun protection equivalent of an SPF 20 and our Mineral Powder has a sun protection an SPF 25? 

Illumination Techniques

IllumiColour is customizable not only in blending shades together, but also in the application technique.  During the summer months, most of us want something quick, that leaves a flawless finish.  Let our Light and Airbrush techniques deliver just that glow!   

Light Illumination Technique
Perfect for a sheer, yet flawless coverage, or for the individual who does not wear a lot of foundation but still wants to cover imperfections and create a beautiful, healthy-glow.

Apply 1-3 pumps of Natural Mineral Crème or Matte Crème to cleansed skin with clean hands.  For more coverage, a second application may be applied after the crème sets for a few minutes.

Airbrush Illumination Technique
This technique leaves the skin with a soft, airy, healthy glow and is great for the individual who is looking for a fuller complexion – think of those summer weddings and parties!

Apply 1-3 pumps of Natural Mineral Crème or Matte Crème to cleansed skin using the IllumiColour brush, in a circular motion.  Another option is to blend 2 pumps of Natural Mineral Crème in the Mineral Powder lid with a desired amount of powder.  Mix and apply using the IllumiColour brush, in a circular motion.
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Illuminate & Glow

Our Illuminate & Glow is a perfect express treatment to offer all summerlong.  This treatment incorporates papaya and pineapple extracts to gently buff away cellular buildup, infusing skin with antioxidants, mandelic acid and nutrients.  We finish this treatment with the introduction of our IllumiColour with one of our Illumination Techniques. 

Skin is smooth, glowing and radiant – perfect before date night or a summer soirée!